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PA01027E2 Pants
PA01027E2 Pants Tweed Lurex – Elisabetta Franchi



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PA01027E2 Pants Tweed Lurex – Elisabetta Franchi


The PA01027E2 Pants Tweed Lurex By Elisabetta Franchi are elegant trousers with a cut and construction that recalls the male wardrobe. They feature a double pleat on the front, providing a straight leg fit. At the back, they are equipped with welt pockets. These pants are made of tweed with lurex threads, which give them a light and sparkling appearance.

The main features of these pants include:

  • Tailored construction inspired by men’s fashion.
  • Double pleat on the front.
  • Straight leg fit.
  • Welt pockets at the back.


  • 49% Viscose
  • 41% Wool
  • 10% Polyamide

These PA01027E2 pants seem to offer a combination of a masculine, tailored look with a touch of elegance and style, making them a versatile choice for various occasions.

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